photography week…

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Something else I found myself photographing during photography week was tattoo parlours, I didn’t set out to photograph them. But while searching for people, I noticed how no two tattoo parlours look the same.


modern day examples…

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Durning photography week at uni, I thought the best way to incorporate photography with my project is to go and identify people within society that have a unique and individual approach to life. The best way to identify people like this within society is through fashion. Here are a few of the photographs I took.

drawing subcultures…

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Drawing week was towards the beginning of the project, I chose to draw objects related to the  subcultures I had been researching from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s….

Creating my brief…

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As part of my project we were asked to make a briefing document, its to give a territory/ and understanding to the project, something to refer to, and something to develop from.

Introduction into my briefing document,

“I have an interest in how society starts with a unique fashion or idea and trend. How do trends happen and the process the trend will go through, its starts of as a unique and sometimes frowned upon, get accepted by more and more people, and then become mainstream, some trends die out, others stick. How do subcultures arise? What are the characteristics of these subcultures? What makes things accepted? And what are the accepted ideas, believes, fashions, trends?  What has changed to make people more willing to experiment with new ideas, and for people to move readily accept them. Is it just our culture that has these subcultures and trends? I will largely be looking at subcultures and their traits to begin with.”

The briefing document goes on to discuss how i will research subcultures of the past and look into how they exist now?

Fred Perry…

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Researching into Fred Perry was an influential part of my project, seeing the effect one company had on a selection of subcultures, seeing how at the time they were a different and unique clothing brand, which I wouldn’t have identified them as now, until i learnt about their history. As well the “tell us your story” campaign was important not only to see the different groups of people that wore the clothes over different decades, but also the effect the clothes had and still have over them.

Fred Perry, Tell us your story…

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While researching into subcultures, I looked into the fashion label Fred Perry, Fred Perry”s label was embraced by different subcultures at different periods during the 50s to 80s, including Punks, and Northern soul, and creating the subculture such as the Perry Boy’s.  While looking at the history of the company and the interaction it had with subcultures, I found a campaign they were running called “Tell us your Story.” A collection of stories and profiles of people discussing their interaction with the company and in particular their iconic t-shirt. 

Mapping my project…

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An exercise to help understand my project and to help others in the studio to understand.